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CUAuctions has been turning repossessions into revenue since 2002, and we can show you how too. Our easy to use, suite of tools provides the solution to sell your vehicles directly to your own members.
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Recent Live Results:

2016 FORD F150 in Tennessee
- Bids: 208
- Sale Price: $15,700 over asking

2016 CHEVROLET TAHOE LS 2WD in Tennessee
- Bids: 45
- Sale Price: $12,100 over asking

2015 GMC SIERRA 1500 SLE DOUBLE CAB 4WD in South Carolina
- Bids: 57
- Sale Price: $10,800 over asking

Even more important is consistency:
- 93% of vehicles listed have sold (2016-2017)
- 98% of wholesale value average

Convenient, Comprehensive Training At Each Step

No matter where you are in the remarketing process, CUAuctions delivers training and best practices to improve your remarketing results.

From Remarketing Zero to Remarketing Hero!

You're never on your own. We're always here to provide guidance and continued best practices that we've learned. We're committed to your success.

We will impart our guidance and best practices that have proven successful for our Credit Union clients. We can have your team up and running selling vehicles and generating new loans sooner than you'd expect.

Proper remarketing repossessed property can be confusing and is fraught with legal guidance and precedent. It can be difficult for Credit Unions to keep up on the constantly shifting legal landscape.

No longer is it enough to sell your vehicles on your own website. It might not even be enough to send your vehicles to the wholesale auction.

With CUAuctions, your vehicles will be presented to a nationwide audience of buyers and sold to the highest bidder in a public, progressive bid auction. Once the auction closes, we'll present you with all of the documentation you need to ensure you're working within the spirit of proper remarketing efforts.

CUAuctions is your Compliance Partner

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