Convenient, Comprehensive Training At Each Step

No matter where you are in the remarketing process, TitleAuctions delivers training to improve your remarketing results.

We start with our free monthly Webinar titled The Three "R"s of Internet Remarketing, touching on the benefits and potential pitfalls of Internet remarketing of repos. Credit union staff leave the Webinar with tools to assess whether or not Internet remarketing is a good fit for their credit union.

We also deliver The Three "R"s presentation at no cost to chapter meetings, council meetings and convention break-out sessions.

Once a credit union has made the decision to implement an Internet remarketing program, we deliver three training modules to ensure your success. All training is free, and is delivered via phone and the Web, including the following curriculum:

  • Auctions 101 - Getting Started. In this session you'll review all the basics of setting up an auction, including best practices for auction length, start times and end times. You'll review the basic administrative tools that come with our service, as well as tips from our top-performing credit unions on how to use them.

  • Auctions 201 - Boosting Bidding Competition. This session covers the top five best practices for heating up competition between bidders. Practices are gathered from our top-performing credit unions nationwide.

  • Auctions 301 - Advanced Admin Tools. In this session you'll learn how to take full advantage of all the administrative tools available to you, including reporting and marketing tools, and IP address and password controls.
We also support you and your members 24/7. First-tier support is delivered via email to support@titleauctions.com. If we can't resolve the problem after the first email, we escalate the problem to second-tier support via a toll-free phone number staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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"Thank you so much for the information . . . we'll be able to utilize the knowledge we gained today."

Marilyn Ratliff
Florida Telco Credit Union

"Your rapid response to every question is an important contributor to our success."

Vern Nichols
Northwest Community CU